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Thursday, November 23, 2017

A Traditional Tale

First there was the year we skipped the traditional Thanksgiving turkey and had hobo stew instead.
And then there was the year I said:
"Hey! Wanna do a 5K Thanksgiving morning?!"

The joy of the holidays aren't really in the food.  Its the togetherness and the memories and the stories you tell.  So if "home is where the heart is", then traditions can be wherever we are together - even if that means pounding the pavement in 28 degree weather on a holiday morning.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Simply Put

Just a boy and his Minecraft graphic novel...

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Surprise Birthday

Someone turned 10 today. 
Double digits!! 
She got fancied up with a new dress and shoes and was pampered with a hairstyling.  We had something big in store to celebrate her but we weren't spilling the beans to her just yet.  By default of Bree's friends and cousins being busy with the holiday weekend, Jake got to tag along and had to get gussied up too.

After a very wet 2 hour drive up to Detroit, we arrived at Fox Theatre for the Broadway production of 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas Musical'

Bree received so many compliments on her dress and hair from other people attending the musical.  Needless to say, she felt very special on her big day.
Then it was time to come back home for games, dinner, and cookie cake!
I just love Bree's expression in this picture.

She hadn't seen her cookies cakes until that point.  At which she discovered that I had them put every variation of her name that friends, family, and teachers call her.  However, the 'Gab' part was supposed to be 'Gabi'. 
Happy Birthday my strong-willed, natural born leader, book worm, adventurous souled daughter. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The First

I got my first Christmas card today!!
Actually, I got it last night... at Halloween. 
But I wasn't allowed to open it until Halloween festivities were over. 
You know... 
When Christmas officially starts. 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween 2017

 Trick or Treating with JoJo Siwa, Iron Man, and Punzel (normally known as Rapunzel) at Marble Lake.
Trick or Treating again with Jojo Siwa, Spiderman, and Punzel at Harrison Lake.

Meeting my lifelong hero - okay maybe hero isn't the word I'm searching for.
Pumpkin Festivities

I cut the backside of the pumpkin off, not the top.  Living on the edge over here.

Jacob and Momma's pumpkin.

Bree's owl pumpkin.
Holly's kitty pumpkin.

And Dad's too tired from carving everyone else's pumpkin.
A family of pumpkins.
Our newest Halloween decoration that everyone had a hand in making. 


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Wanna be

I'm not sure what Bree wants to be when she grows up. 
Hairstylist or Hair Torturer. 
Because, although this might look pretty darn fantastic:
it was a painful nightmare to get undone!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Head in the Game

After a much needed coffee break and great conversation with a friend who is a true inspiration with sticking to eating right and exercising, I found myself ready and willing to get back on the right path.
It was fun (today) and ugly by the end, but there were little eyeballs watching me, wanting to be like me so there was no stopping halfway. 

Here are July and August results for the New Years Goal of mine:
July 10.25  + August 41 =
316.25 / 2,017

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Keeper

"I reflected on the role of "keeper" that I have been entrusted with as a mama.  We mamas are the keepers of memories.  We are the ones to treasure the speech impediments, we are the ones to know the victory of a difficult math concept finally captured, we are the ones who know when to bypass broccoli and pull out the ice cream.  This is why I write.  And write, and write, and write.  Because I want them to know how important they are, and how beautiful the small moments of their lives truly are.  So I sit and remember and write.  I am a keeper."

- Kara Tippets "And it was beautiful"

While I blog to remember the moments of the children and for the children, there will eventually come a time when they'll wish they had a little more of me to hold onto.  Not physical, tangible things, but the tidbits of information and understanding that makes us each unique.  So here it is, here I am... 

* I don't have a favorite color.  Not really.  I tend to lean towards gray because to me it can be calming, energizing, and goes with everything!

* Prefer the sound of waves crashing on rocks instead of the beach.  This stems from spending weeks at church camp on Kelly's Island.

* Favorite cake is vanilla with chocolate frosting.

* My favorite era is the 1950's.

*I was in the second grade when my mom was diagnosed with MS and 29 when my dad died.

*Peanut butter is my favorite... anything.  Except crunchy peanut butter cookies.  Those are gross.

*Favorite beverage is lemonade.

*Pet Cemetery still scares me to this day.

*Funny Farm could be the story of my life.

*Dislike the smell of flowers but still appreciate receiving them. 

*Rainy and snowy days energize me (goes back to the color gray thing).

*My dream vacation would be going to Maine in the Fall.

*I am not competitive and even will have the beginning of anxiety attacks at the start of a 5K where I am only competing against myself.

*Halloween is my favorite holiday, Christmas is my favorite season.

*If I could possess any talent, it would be to play the piano.

*Owning a food truck where I can experiment with new recipes and get paid for it would be AWESOME!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Summer Fun - Week Eight

Ah week 8....  Mid July....  The height of summer....
And someone has strep throat.

If you can do have to do this to your hair, its time for a hair cut.

A week had passed (already) and it was time for Holly's stitches to come out.  We went in fearing the worst, thinking she was going to have to be sedated to get those bad boys out but we didn't.  She fought hard to get away, crying, screaming a little even but then went silent.  Maybe it was to compose herself, maybe it was to assess her situation and find a new way out, but no one was prepared for what she next.  In a very calm and pitiful voice, she quietly said, "Please let me go."  Oh the heartstrings.....

After the torture was done, I offered to make or buy anything Holly wanted for breakfast.  I offered McDonalds, pancakes, waffles, buy her a box of cereal that is hers alone, and, of course, I mentioned donuts.  Every option was denied but she said
 "Maybe dems like donuts too."
So we bought all the nurses and doctors donuts for breakfast instead.
Bree and I made candles this week.

And got them those haircuts I mentioned.

We had a water balloon fight.
Did a little landscaping tidying up that had been missed thus far.

Spent more time in the neighbor's pool.

And introduced the children to a must watch every summer flick.
Holly had her first pediatric dentist appointment.  Although she was a complete wreck, the staff there are amazing and were incredibly patient with her.  Here's to hoping the second appointment will be easier for her and them too.
This week was one of those times where I thought there was something wrong in my brain.  All evening I kept hearing noises coming from the garage but when I poked my head out there, nothing.  Silence.  Then a little wile later more noises.  This continue into the next afternoon but NOW...  there is a Robin constantly dive bombing at the garage.  What is going on?!  Then I found it.  Or him.  Or her!

This baby robin had made its way into my garage and was trapped.  Even after I set him free, he made his way back across the yard and into the garage again.  Eventually baby and mama were reunited and took off, never to be seen again. 
Bree has discovered the joy of tracing the bodies of any willing victim. 

What else are you supposed to do when its hot outside but mom won't let you play inside the house any longer? 
You go play Sorry in the camper that just so happens to be plugged in with AC running while Mom sits outside melting in the THIRD garage sale of the summer. 

Then it is the weekend again and, you guessed it, its time to go camping! 

Only this time, mama packs everyone else up and says "See ya!"...

For a weekend alone at home to do back to school shopping, crafting, and catching up on everything else that has been neglected for the previous 8 weeks.